At Silicon Beach Computers we know there are some answers to your questions that we can provide without you having to call us. Therefore we have compiled a FAQ section which will be continually updated. Prior to calling us we do encourage you to see if your question can be answered below:

We suggest unplugging the power connection to your modem, wait for a minute and then re-plug. Generally this will synchronize your connection and restore your Internet connection.

This could mean you have a virus or unnecessary malware activity. Our suggestion is to bring your computer into the SBC workshop for the ‘SBC Virus Scan Service’ as soon as possible.

Cancel all documents in the print queue, then turn off the printer. Re-start your printer.
If this does not work please re-boot your PC.

First step is to check whether you are connected to the Internet. This can be done by opening your Internet Explorer browser and checking whether webpages are being loaded. If no pages are loading you may have connectivity issue.

At SBC we try and keep stock of all possible chargers for available laptops however, we do highly recommend you bring your own charger for a SBC Service visit.

You should back up your data regularly, and if you need assistance please contact SBC Service. We can customise a backup solution for your personal or business requirements.

Generally this means you are getting power but it is failing initialise your hard drive.
First check is to ensure to external USB drives, flash drives are plugged into the PC. Some PCs are designed to boot off the External devices first. If this does not fix your problem please make a booking with SBC Service.

Blue Screen is loosely coined as Blue Screen of Death (BSOD); if you are receiving this it could mean number of issues either hardware or software. Where possible if you can note the Error Code number upon bringing your PC to SBC it would assist our technicians.

Strictly speaking all email accounts have a password associated with them. So even your emails that are configured on Outlook, Windows Live Mail have got a password. In case you have forgotten you may need it to be reset with your mail host provider directly.

SBC will be able to transfer your data provided we have access to it, and we can get mirror it so that you can pick up from where you left off. Another great reason to purchase your next computer from SBC.

Yes we do sell and customise high end Gaming Systems. Come on talk to your SBC Consultant and we will be more than happy to create a great high performance machine for you.

Your SBC technicians are skilled in both Windows, Apple & Android platforms. We will be more than happy to upgrade or assist with Apple or Android products.

Yes we are more than happy to assist and will advise where applicable on ways to ensure you make the most of your smartphone.

All our qualified technicians are capable of training; we do suggest you contact us directly and we will advise of our training procedure.

SBC only sell brand new computers with a minimum of One Year Warranty.